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The latest in a string of gay GOP hypocrite unveilings is buzzing from BlogActive today. Apparently it’s the #2 guy guy at the RNC, Daniel Gurley (Jay Bunning, the RNC CFO was outed last week — what is it with these people?!). Gurley confirmed his homo status with BlogActive’s Mike Rogers on the phone.

: Lately, I never know what will happen when I call one of these gays responsible for gay bashing. But much to my surprise, Daniel Gurley, the NUMBER TWO POLITICAL OPERATIVE at the REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE completely confirmed for me on the phone that yes, he’s gay. Now, I know some readers have a tough time connecting the guy who manages all the money to the political hate…but could it be any clearer in this case? This man is paid, blogACTIVE readers, to supervise campaigns in the field and what a field day against gays he has been having! Unreal! You can read all about the phone call to Gurley over at Raw Story and Blue Lemur.

And here are some tidbits from the Raw Story:

Gurley said he would not speak about anti-gay marriage flyers the party admitted mailing in the south. As National Field Director, he would have a hand in political mailings. During the call, he repeatedly stressed that he had nothing to say about party politics.

“I have no comment to make about anything,” he said. “I have no comment about my work, or what I do.”

He did, however, intimate that he might not agree with some of the party’s tenets.

“I, like anyone else, have policy disagreements with any number of elected officials,” Gurley said. “I don’t expect to agree with everything that everybody says.”

Dumbass, you may not agree with their policies…so stop working to make their policies succeed!

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