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The NEW Draft….get ready for it:

This time Selective Service System (SSS) regulations have been changed. This time, as SSS states, ‘a college student could have his induction postponed only until the end of the current semester. A senior could be postponed until the end of the full academic year.’ Canada will no longer welcome anti-draft people. A new SSS plan, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer last May, proposes raising the age of draft registration to 34 years old, up from 25, and possibly including women as well. People with special skills, such as computers, foreign languages, medical training and the like, will also be subject to being drafted. In effect, if approved, it will be a universal draft where everyone, including the kids of the rich and powerful, will allegedly be eligible to serve in the military.

But remember this: No congressional son was drafted during the Vietnam War and today there are virtually no congressional sons or daughters serving as enlisted combat personnel in Iraq. Since 9/11, it is almost impossible to name a single prominent pro-Iraq war activist, those who demand an all-out war against terrorism, whose son or daughter has enlisted for active military duty.

However, queers have nothing to fear. The government doesn’t want us.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding