Afterwards Kerry drinks the blood of his debate victims from their bleached skulls.

Scotty McClellan on John Kerry’s debating skills:

Q How are the debate preparation sessions going? Are you in on them? Are you —

MR. McCLELLAN: Well, he had one Saturday night that lasted a couple of hours. And then more of a working session yesterday where they went through some questions. The President knows he’s going up against the most skilled debater he has ever faced. Senator Kerry has been preparing — preparing and practicing for this all his life, from the time he was in prep school to being a star debater for his Ivy League school, to being a prosecutor, to spending 20 years on the floor of the Senate debating the issues. And I expect the President will do fine but he’s up against a very formidable debater.

McClellan failed to mention that at the same time a youthful John Kerry was preparing for his future presidential debates, George W. Bush was weaving about Texas in a drunken stupor when he wasn’t snorting powdered horse tranquilizer off a 15-year old hookers ass.

Well, McClellan may have mentioned it, I didn’t really read the whole transcript…

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