Another Bush = Hitler comparison

A few hours after George W. Bush dismissed a pessimistic CIA report on Iraq as “just guessing,” the analyst who identified himself as its author told a private dinner last week of secret, unheeded warnings years ago about going to war in Iraq.

This exchange leads to the unavoidable conclusion that the president of the United States and the Central Intelligence Agency are at war with each other.

Paul R. Pillar, the CIA’s national intelligence officer for the Near East and South Asia, sat down Tuesday night in a large West Coast city with a select group of private citizens.

This high-level CIA officer was not talking off the cuff. Relying on a multipaged, single-spaced memorandum, Pillar said he and his colleagues
concluded early in the Bush administration that military intervention in Iraq would intensify anti-American hostility throughout Islam.


Through most of the Bush administration, the CIA high command has been engaged in a bitter struggle with the Pentagon. CIA officials refer to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Undersecretary Douglas Feith as “ideologues.” Nevertheless, it is clear the CIA’s wrath has now extended to the White House. Bush reduced the tensions a little on Thursday, this time in a joint Washington press conference with Allawi, by saying his use of the word “guess” was “unfortunate.”

Modern history is filled with intelligence bureaus turning against their own governments, for good or ill. In the final days of World War II, the German Abwehr conspired against Hitler.

Sounds like just another shrill Bush-hater and we should probably ignore him.

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