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Bush apparently sat down with Bill O’Reilly and expected a free ride. The interviews air starting tomorrow, and the whispers are that Shrub was on the defense and he didn’t like it. Can’t wait to see it. Advance word from Tom Watson’s blog:

Just caught a clip of Bill O’Reilly’s upcoming interview with President Bush, during a profile of the sometimes nasty Fox talking head on 60 Minutes. This could be a big one, a take-down from the right. The interview was taped last week to be presented pre-debate this week and in what I saw, O’Reilly slams a clearly angry President into silence on WMDs and Iraq. Kos already has a post on it. Bush really doesn’t do defense very well; remember when McCain slammed him on the attack ads in South Carolina? …I’m frankly surprised the Rove machine let the President sit down with the bull terrier – didn’t they know he turned on the Iraq policy (like Pat Buchanan and many other conservatives) months ago?

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Pam Spaulding