The perfect investment for a country preparing for perpetual war:

The United States Department of Homeland Security is buying a tiny town in the western state of New Mexico to turn it into a lab for terrorism response training, The New York Times reported Sunday.

A small New Mexico engineering school will buy Playas, population 50, from a mining company with $5-million provided by Washington, the report said.

The town, located in empty desert plains just north of the Mexican border, was built by a mining company in the 1970s and had a peak population of 1 000 before the copper smelter was shut down.

Though now practically deserted, it “has all the characteristics of a contemporary American community: the churches, the bank, the health clinic, even the baseball diamonds,” said Van Romero, vice president for research at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

The health clinic should come in particularly handy. They can call it a Women’s Health Center, underfund it because it provides birth control help and then, after the faux terrorists bomb it, they can practice looking the other way.

Another school, Texas A and M, operates Disaster City, a facility in College Station, Texas, where high-rise buildings can be collapsed in mock-disaster scenarios for training purposes, it said.

It’s probably in poor taste to point out that Texas A & M has a grim kind of experience in these kind of matters.

Anyway, as a cost savings they can build the Michelle Malkin Re-education Camp and Muslim Day Spa close by so that they’ll have a consistent supply of “extras” for their exercises. Money for fighting terrorism being tight, don’cha know….

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