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The world has indeed turned upside down…gay homophobe David Dreier, up for re-election in CA was outed this week. But the NEW news is that his challenger has just acknowledged she is a lesbian. So we have a head-to-head race here, two queers, one out and proud, the other being dragged from his closet with a long record of anti-gay votes. Raw Story and Blogactive are covering this.


The state of California is once again making history in the struggle for gay and lesbian equality. The U.S. House race in the state’s 26th district is the first time in American history that both major political parties are fielding out gay or lesbian candidates. Cynthia Matthews (D) has been out and in a loving relationship with her partner of eleven years, while incumbent David Dreier (R) was recently outed in the LA Weekly and will be the subject of a Hustler Magazine article due out this fall.

As usual, RAW STORY is on top of the latest developments with a link to John Byrne’s BLUE LEMUR. This story is of particular interest to people who live in Washington, DC. While Dreier was voting against gay and lesbian residents in the nation’s capital, Cynthia Matthews was living an honest and open life in her congressional district.

Raw Story:

In a surprising twist to an already unusual California congressional race, the Democratic challenger to incumbent Republican Congressman David Dreier has told RAW STORY that she is a lesbian, and has made a series of conditional statements rebuking Dreier’s position on gay issues while concurrently questioning the payment arrangements with his chief of staff Brad Smith.

Her statement makes this the first known time in history an openly gay candidate has run against another candidate also believed to be gay. The L.A. Times, presented with this information, has said they are not planning a story.

Democrat Cynthia Matthews, who has not kept her sexuality secret from the press, said Saturday that she was proud of her relationship with her same-sex partner.

“I have been in an eleven year relationship with my partner,” Matthews said, “and refuse to run for office if I would be required to relegate my partner to the closet.”

While not rendering judgment on the veracity of the allegations against Dreier – that he has led a closeted 24-year tenure in Congress while concurrently voting against gay civil rights, and that he lived with his chief of staff whom he pays an unusually high salary – Matthews condemned Dreier’s positions on gay issues.

If the allegations are true, she added, Dreier should be ashamed.

…“If David Dreier is gay, it is absolutely shameful to me that he would amass a 24-year voting record against his own community,” Matthews said. “I am saddened that David Dreier has voted against funding housing for people with AIDS and that he has denied AIDS medications to impoverished Americans – those who are most in need of these life-saving drugs.”

Dreier’s former challenger, Democrat Janice Nelson, has said that she was aware Dreier was living with his chief of staff, but chose not to make an issue of it during her 2000 campaign.

Dave Dreier looks like a real loser now. He’s got nowhere to hide now; she needs to talk about this to all the media for the rest of the campaign. She blew up what was remaining of the closet he had for shelter. His integrity and honesty regarding his record concerning gay rights are legitimate campaign issues, as is the “honey on the payroll” problem.

More power to her!

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