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Now if this doesn’t cause Iraq to completely unravel…Bush wants to set “Dr. Germ” free. He says this is an independent move by the Iraqi Justice Ministry and has NOTHING to do with the fact that 2 Americans have been beheaded because of the kidnappers’ demand that Iraqi women held in custody be freed.

This is sickening — this is being done as the Brit has the knife at his neck. It is not a far, cynical stretch to think that the timing of this — with the Brit’s life in the balance — has a lot to do with Tony Blair’s political fate hanging in the balance (for being in the Coalition of the Willing). Blair is planning to pull 1/3rd of his troops out shortly, which is going to be a BIG black eye for the Bush admin. It’s not cynical to think that “protecting” Blair in order to keep a strong military commitment isn’t at the forefront of the motivation for this.

It’s horrifically shortsighted, because once we cave, it’s open season for kidnapping. And what must the relatives of the two Americans feel?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding