Less fact-based by the minute

Dispatch from the Non-Partisan Chair at the UofT:

OUCH: “It would be like an American today meeting with the heads of al Qaeda.”

UPDATE: Heck, even Chris Matthews saw this one coming.

ANOTHER UPDATE: But it wasn’t secret — well, it may have been when it happened, but not later. (my emphasis)

From the article:

The meeting, however, was not a secret. Kerry, a leading antiwar activist at the time, mentioned it in testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in April of that year. “I have been to Paris,” he testified. “I have talked with both delegations at the peace talks, that is to say the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and Provisional Revolutionary Government,” the latter a South Vietnamese communist group with ties to the Viet Cong.

Let’s jump back to early 1971….

An 11-year old Glenn Harlan Reynolds races home from fifth grade hoping that he will be home in time to see one of his favorite Gilligan’s Island reruns (the one where the castaways come up with a plan to get off the island, but Gilligan messes it up again…that episode). After plopping his Hawaii Five-0 lunchbox down on the kitchen counter he heads to the den where he watches, in order, Gilligans Island, Deputy Dawg, and The Banana Splits. During a commercial break between Deputy Dawg and the Splits, an idle thought occurs to Reynolds, who calls out to his mother.

“Hey, Mom? Do you happen to know the whereabouts of John Kerry, the charismatic leader of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War?”

“No, Glenny, I don’t,” she replies ” Now go wash up for supper. It’s Flip Wilson night y’know.”

Young Reynolds slips off of the couch, pokes his head into the kitchen and says, with a toothy grin, “Heh. Indeed.”

So, you see, it was a secret.

Now this may or may not have happened…but it could have.

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