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Sully‘s still not willing to vote for Bush, even though he’s not liking Kerry much at all. I’m surprised he’s not wavering more actually.

“There are two Kerrys in my mind (and about a few hundred other ones in Kerry’s). One is Carter-Redux: former military peacenik, paralyzed by indecision, unable to win a peace, let alone a war. The other is the Honorable Bore: the establishment guy who won’t be terrible and whose steady, consensus-ridden hand we might need after the recklessness of young Hal. I’m torn between the two. I really do worry that Bush is out of his depth in this conflict, and that his handling of Iraq these past twelve months essentially disqualifies him from re-election. But better the devil you know? If the war was the only issue – and the fiscal lunacy, social intolerance and institutional arrogance were not also in play, I might have to swallow hard and go for Bush. But a vote for wimping out in Fallujah, bigger government and the social policy of James Dobson? Please. Bush’s crude, see-no-problems campaign has also done a lot to persuade me that he’s not up to the job.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding