James Lileks needs to get out of the house

Mrs. Lileks, who is already living in her own circle of hell, must sit up nights wondering why she works all day so that her husband can stay home and…

Who’s that?

It’s Elvis, honey.

Is he good?

He’s the best.

Who’s bad?

No one’s bad in this movie, at least in the ethical sense.

What’s ethigasens?

It’s – it’s how you tell who’s good and who’s bad.

Is Elvis a hero?

Some people think so.

Does he have powers?

Yes. He sings and women fall down.

That’s a silly power.

I imagine it comes in handy.

Okay goodbye.

She had walked into my room while I was watching “It Happened at the World’s Fair” in the corner of the monitor. Just got it the other day. My first and only Elvis movie; I’m not a big fan of the King’s movies, but this one was shot on location at the 62 Seattle Fair. Lots of location shots, which is the reason I bought it.

Lileks also has a copy of Girls! Girls! Girls!, but it’s not the Elvis one. It’s more the “Daddy? Why is the door locked?” kind of one.

In the meantime…

Is Lileks a hero?

Some people think so.

Does he have powers?

Yes. He writes and people fall asleep.

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