Cuz, you know, I’m a guy and I was busy thinking guy-stuff

You know us guys, always forgetting anniversaries and stuff.

TBogg: The Blog (as opposed to TBogg!: The Musical or TBogg: The Me) turned two years old on Sunday.

It seems like just yesterday when I felt that what the blogosphere really needed was a blog about actuarial tables written entirely in Aramaic, but then I got over that and started TBogg instead.

There are just so many people I want to thank like President Inigo Montoya, Peggy Noonan, The Virgin Ben, Jenna & NotJenna, America’s Worst Mother&#153 (and her children Calico, Danzig, Octaroon, and Mandible), Michelle Malkin, The Not-Ready-For-A-Real-Media-Gig Players at The Corner, Ann Coulter, and particularly all of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders for being what they are: snark fodder.

And thank all of you for stopping by. As a token of my appreciation I’m buying all of you a car. The keys are in the glovebox. Fill up the tank when you’re done.

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