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Bush plans to execute a major military offensive in Iraq AFTER the election. Remember how there was White House denials about a congressman’s statement that the Bush admin was going to make a major call up of National Guard and Ready Reserves? Oh, no, they said. Well, I guess there’s no connection to this… (NYT):

“Faced with a growing insurgency and a January deadline for national elections, American commanders in Iraq say they are preparing operations to open up rebel-held areas, especially Falluja, the restive city west of Baghdad now under control of insurgents and Islamist groups.

A senior American commander said the military intended to take back Falluja and other rebel areas by year’s end. The commander did not set a date for an offensive but said that much would depend on the availability of Iraqi military and police units, which would be sent to occupy the city once the Americans took it.

The American commander suggested that operations in Falluja could begin as early as November or December, the deadline the Americans have given themselves for restoring Iraqi government control across the country.”

Think there’s a connection to intimidation of soldiers to re-enlist


That the body counts and injuries are under-reported, which would show how badly this is all going?

This is Vietnam…or worse. White House political decisions are directly impacting the military situation in Iraq, just as it did back then, and we all know that military people serving Bush behind the scense disagreed with Rummy on how many troops would be needed to win in Iraq.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding