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Bush was in NC Friday, campaigning with Liddy Dole. Hmpf.

The American mainstream media is still asleep.

They are so scared of losing access, especially during the election season. Print media can be more challenging of the White House, but even they, at some point, usually buckle and paper over Bush’s obvious political frailties and flip-flops.

How can they let him get away with saying that he is “pleased with the progress” in Iraq as the situation implodes around him, and his own administration issues official reports saying the same?

I’m about halfway through Bush on the Couch by Justin Frank, which is a psych profile of Bush and it is a scary read (check out the description and reviews). If any journalists bothered to pick this up and read it, they’d have enough information to ask some probing questions of the man and his motivations for getting us into the Iraq mess.

The media values access to power over reporting or investigating the truth. In what now seems quaintly frivolous as a news story, in 1992, when rumors of an affair with Jennifer Fitzgerald finally reached fever pitch with Bush 41 — almost no one in the press would ask him about it. Mary Tillotson of CNN did during a photo op, and got bitch slapped by Bush spokesman Martin Fitzwater. He said she would never work around the White House again.

THAT’S what the press is afraid of, especially the broadcast media. So they become lap dogs and cheerleaders. The war buildup coverage was embarrassing.

It’s sad that Americans have to turn to the foreign press to actually get some detail and truth on issues that our media ignores or glosses over. For instance, I had heard nothing on American media about:

* American troops attempting to desert into Canada; or

* Iraqi middle-class citizens being kidnapped for ransom by insurgents; or

* The result of #2 — an exodus of Iraqi professionals, including sorely-needed doctors that want to leave for their families’ safety, and the impact that this will have on any redevelopment of Iraqi society.

I saw these stories on Canadian and BBC news (via NWI). That kind of news puts the war into perspective. American journalists are not interested in kidnappings unless they are Western victims, they are certainly not interested in stories about deserters and their reasons for not wanting to serve in this war.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding