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John Byrne and The Raw Story, as well as Mike Rogers at BlogActive are hitting Dave Dreier hard on his gay hypocrisy. They are now reporting about Dreier’s chief of staff (and alleged live-in partner) is paid over two times that of any of his staff:

Brad Smith, the chief of staff to Republican Californian congressman David Dreier, with whom he is said to have lived, is paid an unusually high salary relative to the chief of staffs of other powerful congressmen, including Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert.

The tip suggested that Smith was paid far more than anyone else in Dreier’s office, which turned out to be true. And, while there are chiefs of staff for leadership offices in the House who are paid equally (such as the chief of staff to the Majority Leader), this site has been unable to find any chief of staff for a congressional office who makes as much as Smith.

Smith made $156,600 during the last reporting period, just $400 shy of the highest paid White House staff member, Assistant to the President Karl Rove, who made $157,000. It is also $400 less than President George W. Bush’s chief of staff, Andrew Card, who receives an annual salary of $157,000.

What is more, Smith enjoys a provision of House Committee rules which allows a congressman to pay some of a staffer’s salary from the committee budget. As Dreier is the Chairman of the Committee on Rules, this allows Smith to collect $106,000 on top of his $50,600 office salary.

A call placed to Dreier’s Washington office Thursday evening, asking for Smith, was disconnected.

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Pam Spaulding