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There’s an interesting article in this week’s New York Blade Online that deals with what is perceived as a “purge” of out gay employees in the Bush admin. However, in the article, there’s something more interesting. This is the first time I’ve seen hard numbers about the number of queer folk in the administration:

…[Gay GOP activist Carl Schmid] said he knows of between 35 and 40 gay appointments in the Bush administration since Bush took office in 2001. But Schmid refused to identify most of Bush’s gay appointees, saying they were out within the administration but may not want their names reported in the media.

“I have a private list of gay Bush appointees,” Schmid said. “These are gay Republicans,” he said, who were appointed to a “full range” of policy-making positions in various agencies and departments.

When asked if any of the appointees work in the White House, Schmid said, “I’m not going to say.”

…[Gay GOP activist Robert] Kabel, who worked in the Reagan White House as a general counsel, said Republican presidents historically have hired gays to various posts. Unlike Clinton, he said, they have chosen not to “make an issue of it.”

“It’s a mindset,” Kabel said. “It’s like, ‘We’re fine with it, but you’re not going to talk about it.’”

Oh, I wonder if they think Mike Rogers of BlogActive is sniffing around for another outing…

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