Taxicab Confessions: Vol. XXVIII

Republicans. Always finding drivers who say whatever they want to hear:

MY RIDE HOME [John J. Miller]
I was on CNBC last night to discuss a subject of enormous interest to me, and the network offered me a ride home, which I gladly accepted. My driver was Bosnian; he has lived in the United States for eight years. We were together for about 50 minutes (the studio is in DC, and I live outside the Beltway), and we talked about politics, what he thinks of America, and so on. He leans a bit to the left, but mostly enjoys chatting with the people he drives around. Toward the end of the ride, he mentioned that he thinks Republicans are much more polite than Democrats. “Someone can be in the car with me for three minutes, and I’ll know their party just from how they behave,” he said. I told him that sometimes my wife takes phone calls from people I’m trying to interview, and always tells me who is friendly over the line. The most polite phone caller, hands down: Ken Starr. He once returned a call of mine, got my wife, and immediately apologized for interrupting “the dinner hour.” (In my house, “the dinner hour” is about 20 minutes of madness involving children, toys, vegetables, messes, and quarreling over who sits where.) At any rate, I mentioned this bit about Ken Starr–and my driver turned around (we were at a red light) and lit up: “Ken Starr is the nicest man in Washington.”

(Added: I see Roy beat me to it. Damn East Coast elitists with their fancy-schmancy early timezone)

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