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Ugh. I am fighting a bad cold. Probably need to go back to bed…

I was surfing over at AmericaBlog and was in “We’ve Lost This War” thread on the mess in Iraq. Just posting my musings back here. You should go take a look.

Kerry really must stake a claim on the Iraq issue. The country is falling apart under Bush’s stewardship, and Kerry hasn’t yet made a believable case on how to clean up Bush’s mess.

I have to admit, it’s hard to come up with a viable solution to someone’s f*ckup of this magnitude, but Kerry’s team has no choice but to propose something, and to point out every step of the way where Bush has erred on this.

The Bush admin is suppressing the numbers of KIA and injured US soldiers (military contractors don’t have to be included in official figs), and they are deep sixing civilian casualty reporting.

The TV news media has gone to sleep, though there is plenty of good print coverage about Iraq, as we’ve been pointed to it many times on this blog. Bush is counting on voters to be as uncurious and ill-informed as he is. Most of these voters don’t read any daily paper, let alone the NYT/WP (or even USA Today, which has been surprisingly strong of late).

I agree with those that say the moment the torture at Abu Ghraib was uncovered, what little respect we had left in that region of the world for the US evaporated when those images of prisoners being sadistically sexually degraded went over the airwaves.

I caught Sy Hersh on Hardball last night, and his new book, Chain of Command, sounds like a must read — he shows how the blame goes all the way to the top.

Yeah, this war is tied to 9/11 alright, but not how Bush was spinning it at the convention. It’s because this war has ensured that the justification in the Islamist militant mind for attacking the U.S. in the future has solidified and made it easier to recruit.

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