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BuzzFlash is one of the sites I hit regularly. There is a kickass editorial on the what we are facing in this election. It is must read.

This is an editorial about pulling the fire alarm to save our democracy, our Constitution, our reputation in the community of nations, and freedom itself.

This is not business as usual. This is not just politics. John Kerry is running against a political criminal enterprise. If that statement shocks you, than you don’t understand the dire straits that we are in, not even remotely.

…Since the Republican Party was taken over by the Radical Right Wing — beginning with the Nixon administration (in which Rumsfeld and Cheney began their ascent — and remember that Cheney is our President for International Affairs, with Karl Rove his aide de camp for domestic affairs) — the GOP has run campaigns and the country with three basic tools: demagoguery, the creation of manufactured images of leadership, and the criminal abuse of our justice department and legislative process. If we have to detail each of these abuses to convince you that they are accurate characterizations, then you are not a regular BuzzFlash reader.

In modern day politics, form is content. Just look at Bush. Here is a guy who utters the most inane, contradictory pronouncements, a man of such feeble talent that he would be lucky to be bagging groceries were his name not Bush, and the GOP strategists and image makers have managed to wage this election on his image as a “wartime leader.”

And there’s more where that from. Read it all.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding