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Karl Rove and Dick Cheney aren’t there to wind up the key in Bush’s back to help him think on the campaign trail. He’s refusing to comment on Iraq or N. Korea. Chaos and increasing deaths in Iraq and mushroom clouds blowing and saber rattling over in N. Korea and he has no grand vision for international peace and prosperity. How blissfully, purposefully silent of him. Perhaps he is “collecting his thoughts” as he did for the 7 minutes in the classroom on 9/11. (Reuters):

As he campaigns on a platform of having made America safer, President Bush usually does not talk about nuclear disputes with North Korea and Iran that show no sign of resolution.

Bush did not mention the two countries, once branded by him as part of an “axis of evil,” in his recent Republican Convention address and he has not made them a campaign staple.

Jonathan Pollack, chairman of the Strategic Research Department at the Naval War College, said even though Vice President Dick Cheney and others have admitted time is running out for curbing the North’s ambitions, Bush has displayed no sense of urgency and set no deadlines for acting.

“After years of wheels spinning on this issue in this administration, you don’t get a sense that there is a clear executive level decision or understanding about what we should do,” he told Reuters.

Henry Sokolski of the Non-proliferation Policy Education Center said “a clock is also ticking with Iran and it may have moved to the point where we have a nuclear ready nation.”

This is a clear example of if this was a Democrat doing this in the White House, the president would have been charged with treason. Who is going to hold him accountable?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding