The ticking clock of fame and the heartbreak of being Michael Paranzino

Michael Paranzino, who had a brief fling with fame (here fame is defined as being on Bill O’Reilly’s show and not having the host scream at you to “shut up!”), is back with yet another bone to pick with CBS:

The latest smear by CBS/Viacom against President Bush is a violation of federal election law. We need your help to stop them!

For years, CBS/Viacom pushed for passage of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law. It is now in force.

It prohibits most corporations from criticizing politicians within 60 days of an election. But it has an exception for media conglomerates, which is why the liberal media pushed for the law.

However, the so-called media exception does NOT cover fraud. And it does NOT cover electioneering coordinated with a political campaign.The CBS/Viacom-Kerry campaign smear of Bush using obviously fraudulent documents puts CBS/Viacom in violation of federal election laws.

We are filing an emergency appeal to the Federal Election Commission urging immediate action to hold CBS/Viacom in violation of federal election law. We need your signature on our petition.

Click here to read our FEC filing.

Yes. Michael who Went To Law School wants to sue CBS for conspiracy or unnatural acts with MS Word or maybe just to get his name in the papers so his friends from Yale won’t think he’s still that same loser who’s obsessed with a miniseries that he never saw and now they never call to see if he wants to play squash or cruise leather bars…

Now, lest you think that Michael is another one of those Rightwing Kerning Historians who is way too familiar with Times New Roman, well, no, he’s just a FTF (not to be confused with a MILF) who thinks that your tax dollars would best be used paying him to stay home with his son while he watches CBS in search of bias… or possibly prime-time dramas that appeal to anyone under the age of 48:

Full Time Father.com also hopes to flag any legal or legislative effort to make it harder for parents to put their children first. One example of such a thing would be laws that use taxpayer dollars to subsidize child care, but only if commercial day care is used, NOT the child’s actual relatives. We believe that every taxpayer dollar offered to pay for commercial day care should also be available to those families where parents, grandparents, other relatives, or friends do the child-rearing.

Mike Paranzino founded Full Time Father.com in June 2003. He has been a full time father since March 2001, when his son was born.

Michael also has some other issues:

Michael Paranzino is a government affairs and communications consultant based in Bethesda, Md., and is a patient advocate for people with psoriasis


Mr. Paranzino, a graduate of Yale University and the New York University School of Law, has been a psoriasis patient for 20 years, and has been cognizant of the effects of psoriasis for his entire life—one of his older brothers also has the disease. Michael has tried numerous therapies over the years, including countless steroids, calcipotriene, tazarotene, UVB (irradiation with short wave ultraviolet radiation), PUVA (a combination of psoralen [P] and long-wave ultraviolet radiation [UVA] that is used to treat skin conditions), etretinate and methotrexate (this medication has successfully controlled his psoriais for the past 13 years). Recently, after noticing psoriasis on the arms and legs of his young niece, he wrote to the National Psoriasis Foundation and offered to help the association as it seeks better treatments and a cure for the disease. This is Michael’s first public appearance speaking about psoriasis.

We think Michael should turn off the TV and get out of the house more often. A little fresh air and some sunshine would do him wonders.

Oh. And we also think he should get a real job and stop sponging off of the taxpayers.


(Oooooo. He has a blog too where he makes Lileks look like Joan Crawford. Actually, Lileks does look a bit like Joan Crawford, but only when the light is right and after a few Zimas…)

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