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While people have been laughing at ZellFire‘s performance at the GOP convention, his next target his next target is the gay population in his home state of GA, and that’s not funny. He’s also a hypocrite, allowing a non-discrimination clause in his Senate office, while voting against ENDA.

…the Georgia Democrat recently wrote that passage of a state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage is “one of the most important issues to come along in our lifetime.”

Both U.S. senators from Georgia — Miller and Republican Saxby Chambliss — sent letters supporting the amendment to Sadie Fields, state chair of the Christian Coalition of Georgia. Voters will decide the fate of the amendment on Nov. 2.

At a gathering of conservative authors on Aug. 30 during the Republican National Convention in New York, Miller spoke out against gay marriage, adding that his new focus on social issues was spurred by “seeing my great-grandchildren come into the world,” according to the Washington Post.

Miller has historically been opposed to many gay rights issues.

In 1996, then-Gov. Miller signed the state’s Defense of Marriage Act, which barred same-sex marriage in the state and recognition of same-sex unions legally performed in other states.

Miller is also opposed to the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, a bill languishing in Congress that would prohibit workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation, although as a senator he adopted a non-discrimination policy for his office that included sexual orientation.

Miller supports adding sexual orientation to hate crime laws, but he also supports the military’s ban on openly gay soldiers.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding