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Sully’s looking for the GOP to give a rational explanation for this, lol. Hope he doesn’t hold his breath:

This isn’t getting any prettier, is it? But it’s always been obvious that, during Vietnam, George W. Bush benefited from the soft affirmative action of pedigreed privilege. The CBS-recovered forms are pretty devastating in this respect, I’d say. You’ve got that and the guy who pulled the strings to get Bush in the Guard saying he’s now ashamed of what he did. Now: I hate this kind of sleaze. But the Bush campaign’s attack on Kerry’s military service makes it all sadly legit. Is there a real, substantive response to this (and I don’t mean sliming Barnes as a Democrat)? Are the forms forgeries? Is Barnes lying? I’d be more than happy to read (or run) a cogent, factual rebuttal.”

UPDATE: Sully is desperately trying to give credence to the pro-Bush “the documents are forgeries” crowd (you know the Freepers are all breathless over this):

“FORGERIES? Well, here’s a strong reason not to take the Killian memos seriously. The pro-Bush blogosphere is claiming that they are obvious forgeries. I’m no expert in these matters and cannot tell if this analysis is sound. But we sure should find out, shouldn’t we? PowerLine has the most comprehensive treatment. The blogs prove one thing, though. If these documents are legit, they are devastating to Bush.”

They are SO desperate for this not to be true.

Unfortunately for the Freeper crowd, the White House doesn’t think they are forgeries. From Kevin Drum of the Washington Monthly:

In fact, the White House has now released their own copies of two of the memos and doesn’t dispute their authenticity. So if I had to guess, I’d say that these are copies taken from the microfilm archives of the 111th Fighter Interceptor Squadron. How else would the White House have its own copies?

ANOTHER UPDATE: Now Drum is saying that the documents the WH had were faxes from CBS.

UPDATE: I now have copies of the memos the White House released, and they are just versions that CBS faxed to the White House the day before the 60 Minutes segment aired. There’s no indication that the White House had its own copies of these memos and had been sitting on them.


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