Doing the endzone hubris dance before the game is even over

Powerline’s Hindrocket (insert your own joke here) is suffering from a bit of premature celebration:

Power Line Wins, CBS News Loses

Matt Drudge, who crashed our server earlier today by linking to our first post on the 60 Minutes hoax, is now headlining: “CBSNEWS LAUNCHES INTERNAL INVESTIGATION AFTER SUSPICIOUS BUSH DOCS AIRED.”

Of course, we all know how accurate Drudge can be with his sources who alternately bluster, threaten, complain, proclaim, snarl, or whine depending on Matt’s need for excitement and attention.

So, when Hindrocket writes:

It’s the end of the line, I think, for Dan Rather and 60 Minutes.

You’ll forgive us if we smirk and pump our fist in an up and down motion that I’m sure Hindrocket is intimately familiar with…

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