Guess they didn’t get the memo about the memos

The braintrust over at Powerline defers to the even lesser braintrust over at Freeperville to dispute Killian’s memos on President Refused An Order. According to their readers (who apparently are the last links in the braintrust food chain) the memos are obviously forgeries.

So one has to wonder why the White House would release forgeries that make that their putative ‘man’ look bad.

Or why Dan Bartlett chose to not dispute the authenticity of the memos.

Powerline is perfecting the latest achievement in blogging: the evolving smear. The evolving smear allows a blogger to make a ridiculous assertion and then update and pad the original post with emails from so-called “experts” (…and they are because they say they are!) throughout the day to prop up their somewhat shoddy assertion. In the end what they end up with is not so much a serious discussion of a topic, as much as the minutes of a meeting of The Grassy Knoll Conspiracy Fellowship & Drinking Society.

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