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Oy. this is pretty much all I can take on the Schrock thing. BlogActive and Raw Story have put up some more audio of Schrock’s solicitations on a phone service for “male companionship.” Remember, this is Pat Robertson’s representative in VA, with a nearly perfect Christian Coalition voting record. Boy is this embarrassing for the homophobe:

RAW STORY transcription Tape 1

I weigh 200 pounds, hazel eyes, blond hair, uh, really buffed up, really tan. Ah, I’m just looking to get together with, uh, any white guy, uh, who has got a great body on him, has got a good-size endowment, is cut, just to get together, get naked, play with one another, get each other off, nothing hardcore, I have to be incredibly careful, incredibly safe, incredibly discrete, I cannot overemphasize that. If that appeals to you, uh, I’d like to hear from you, so hit me back. Thanks. Bye.

RAW STORY Transcription, Tape 2

Hi guys, I’m about 6′ 4? weigh 200 pounds, hazel eyes, blond hair, pretty buffed up, I work out religiously I can assure you. I’m just looking together –looking to get together with a guy, maybe to play with one another, go down on one another, nothing hardcore, uh, just to get off. Uh, I’m, looking for guys who are reasonably [sic] height uh, a good, good height, very, very, very well built, muscular, flat stomach, very well endowed, uh, just to have some fun with if that appeals to you guys, uh, leave a message of how I can get a hold of you, and I’ll do it. Thanks. Bye.

Just precious.

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Pam Spaulding