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Whew! Raw Story is on a roll. They are saying that Hustler is now investigating David Dreier (R-CA) who is having a hard time commenting whether he is straight. Man, the guy might as well come out already, before it gets even more embarrassing…

By John Byrne | Raw Story Editor

…Hustler Magazine emailed Raw Story Wednesday afternoon, suggesting they may be able to offer further dispatches on the Dreier case soon. They included a letter that the magazine sent to the congressman Tuesday.

“Dear Rep. Dreier,

As you may know, Hustler Magazine sent a team of reporters to New York City to cover the Republican National Convention. Our interest is in exploring the intersection of human sexuality, national politics and the conservative agenda.

Given the culture war that is evolving in this nation, we feel it’s important to have an honest, open and frank discussion with legislators who are voting on laws that shape and impact people’s lives on very fundamental levels. Especially when a Congressman, for example, says one thing and does another—or espouses one way of life, while secretly living another.

Gay rights, by way of example, is just one important element of sexual freedom and a hot button issue that needs to be addressed by legislators in an open and honest fashion. Hustler plans to publish its expose in a coming issue.

We respectfully request the opportunity to interview you about these issues and more. We hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,

Mark Cromer / Features Editor, Hustler”

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Pam Spaulding