Fake letter day

Amongst the spam for Christian Singles and cheap Paxil, KJL of The Corner shares some Real Life E-Mails relating the Adventures of the Kind Of People Who Read The Corner. Here we have the police in Connecticut letting a drunk continue to drive…because the DUI’er is a Republican:

I watched the convention in Connecticut at one of the thousands of nationwide “Party for the President” events. The host picked my name out of a box and I won a Bush/Cheney hat and put it on. I hate hats, but oh well. Driving home, I hit a sobriety checkpoint set up in honor of the new .08% law.
Cop: “Where are you coming from?”
Me: “A party … watching the convention.”
Cop: (Pauses, looks at hat) “Did you do any drinking.”
Me: “Yes.”
Cop: “How much?”
Me: “A couple of glasses of wine … ”
Cop: (Casually, as if we were buddies chatting.) “The convention, huh? You’re wearing a W. hat. You a Republican?”
Me: (Not sure which was the “right” answer …) “Yeah …”
Cop: (Quietly) “I’m a Republican, too. Go ahead home.”
In Connecticut, of all places!

Now at first I was dubious because, well, whoever heard of a wine-sipping Republican? I mean that sounds so French. But then I thought about the fact that maybe the police in Connecticut are used to drunken Republicans driving down from Maine and this is some kind of courtesy that they extend to their almost-Canadian neighbors. Or people who wear ugly hats. So maybe it’s true.

KJL’s next letter comes from a conservative college student at NYU who never thought it would happen to him. No. Not wild tub-sex with multiple females. I said he was a conservative, that will never happen to him:

I’m writing for the first time to the Corner because this post gave me the chills. I’m a student at NYU, one of the most liberal strongholds in one of the most liberal cities in the country. I have experienced several similar occurrances over the past year, and am continually amazed at the level of quiet support for Bush. Although nearly every single political gathering at NYU has a drastically liberal slant, there are more members of the College Republicans than College Democrats. Although our students lead protests and participate in die-ins, there are invariably twice as many people quietly disgusted with their actions than vocally supporting them.

You see, if people aren’t raging against the Bush machine, then they must be supporting him since silence = approval. You can look it up. And the fact that there are more members of the NYU College Republicans than there are in the NYU College Democrats must mean that (checking old stats textbook….hmmmm…) there are more Republicans at NYU than there are Democrats, which while trumping that earlier statement about NYU being a “liberal stronghold” pretty much avoids that whole consistency/hobgoblin thing.

Tomorrow KJL shares an email from a reader who thinks she’s really hot and want to “commit some the more fun venial sins” with her.

Don’t tell the Pope.

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