Context for me but not for thee….

Roger Simon is complaining about Newsday being “selective“:

An interesting (but small) example is how I have been distorted. In tomorrow’s Newsday there will be a number of quotes from those who blogged at the Republican Convention. While crossing the country yesterday, I received two urgent emails from a gentleman named Seifert from that newspaper. My email box gets rather clogged and, despite dodgy WiFi connections, I could easily have missed them, but I did manage to read them. They asked permission to excerpt my blog, without providing the excerpts they had in mind (a normal and professional thing to do – I would have). I smelled a rat, but gave them permission to do so as a test. And guess what? They chose the most anti-Bush remarks I made, highlighting my firm opposition to the President on the social issues. You would have to read these excerpts very closely to realize that I unequivocally support Bush in the election and would no more vote for John Kerry for President in an era of terrorism than for a protester on Seventh Avenue. (I will provide the Newsday link tomorrow, if it is available.)

But Roger had no problem misrepresenting John Kerry’s comments about Vietnam war atrocities.

I think people like Roger, who are self-appointed critics of the Main Stream Media (MSM), might want to take a bit of time to set some standards for themselves before someone gets the idea that the Non-Main Stream Media (NMSM) is a bunch rumpus-room blowhards with hypocrisy issues.

…and speaking on Main Stream Media, last night I stumbled on a seminar on C-Span2 hosted by AmericanCompass where I got to watch John Fund (Wall Street Journal) and Michael Barone (US News & World Report) make sneering references to…Main Stream Media.

Next thing you know they’ll be cracking jokes about goofy-looking sexless white men…

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