Funny. He didn’t mention that on his resume….

Preparing to be the Leader of the Free World

Mrs Allison said that in 1972 her husband received a call from Mr Bush’s father asking whether he could find a place for his son on a Senate campaign he was managing in Alabama. Mr Bush Sr was the US ambassador to the UN at the time and his son’s drunken and occasionally loutish behaviour was becoming an embarrassment

Mr Allison agreed to take the errant Bush son as his deputy in a Senate campaign to elect the Alabama Republican Winton “Red” Blount. Once he had an official reason to be in Alabama, Mr Bush Jr transferred from the Texas National Guard to its Alabama counterpart, although beyond one dental examination there is no proof that he showed up for any service even though it was only a part-time posting. Mr Bush was subsequently given an honourable discharge.

Most involved in the Senate campaign recall Mr Bush Jr turning up late, boasting about how much alcohol he had drunk the night before and then going home early. “After about a month I asked Jimmy what was Georgie’s job, because I could never figure it out,” recalled Mrs Allison. “I never saw him do anything.”

But none of this matters because John Kerry was not in Cambodia on Christmas eve.

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