Close up the wetbar, honey. I’m signing up…

The Last American Yuppie:

Answering the question the folks at Reason.com have been asking, George Bush is giving libertarians like myself reasons to vote for him. Great reasons? Nope. But good enough.

Tax simplification. Medical savings accounts. Some sort of privatization and ownership in all kinds of ways.

Perfect? Nope. But better than Kerry, and, sadly, that’s the best I can ask for.


OK, he got me laughing with the georgewbush.com gag.

Just not sure if I was laughing with or at. Doesn’t matter, though. What matters is, the guy looks comfortable, unlike Kerry’s flop sweat last month.

And if you didn’t see Kerry flop sweat in Hi Def, be thankful.


Right now, W is giving a shout out to his most important, “unilateral” allies.

All I can add is, thanks guys — and can someone refill my drink, Mr Chirac?


“Our good friend Israel.”

Just once, once, I would like to hear Bush tell us Israel’s fight is just another front in the Global War, and that’s why we stand with them.


I just got a little wood.

Bush took on the NYT of today, by taking on the NYT of yesteryear, compaining about the post-WWII occupation of Germany.

And unlike some, I have enough faith in the American people to GET IT.


“Generations will know if we kept out faith and kept our word.”

“Tonight I ask you to stand with me.”

He asked, and I’ll tell: I’m gonna stand with this guy. I know I’ll regret it later, but I also know I’d regret the other guy even more.


“…A certain swagger which, in Texas, is called walking.”

Forget the war. Forget policy. Forget everything but two men who want something from me.

Kerry could never have made that joke (or the others Bush just made) at his own expense. Bush can, and did. That’s a guy comfortable in his own skin, and that’s a guy I’d give something to, before the other guy.

I’m pretty sure a lot of people recognize that, even if only instinctively.


Watching, listening to Bush’s tribute to fallen soldiers and their families, I remember the pride I felt in him when he held that bullhorn at Ground Zero.

Nuance? None. Backtracking? Zero. Calculation? There, probably, but undetectable.

Tell me I’m not the only one who sees all that.


“This young century will be liberty’s century.”

I’m talking to my fellow libertarians out there when I tell you, at least Bush is willing to speak our language. Maybe I’m a sucker, but it gets me every time.

…amd with that, Stephen jumped out of his Herman Miller aeron chair and went to wait at the front door of his local Marine recruiter’s office with visions of fighting Islamofascism in a smartly tailored uniform with a high thread count dancing in his head.

Yeah. Gonna happen.

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