Won’t someone buy a coke and a popcorn from this man?

Now that JC Watts has resigned his position as the Official Party Negro, it looks like he’d like to get into the concessionaire field.

From Hardball:

MEACHAM: You made history tonight, because this was the first presidential—the first presidential politics issuing a challenge for a duel since Andrew Jackson wanted to hang John C. Calhoun.


MATTHEWS: Well, no, no. I did not invite him to a duel.

MEACHAM: No, he did. He did.





MEACHAM: He said he wished we lived in an age when you could duel.

And Andrew Jackson carried two bullets in him his whole life and wanted to



WATTS: I want to sell the popcorn and Coke.

MATTHEWS: Well, I do


WATTS: I want to sell popcorn and Coke at that door.


Interview with redstate.org:

JC Watts spent some time at Bloggers’ Corner this afternoon, talking about everything from the Senate race in Illinois (“[Keyes] is a really, really tough sell”) to Zell Miller on Chris Matthews (“Now THAT is as good as it gets”) to the GOP’s efforts and need to reach out to what he called, “non-traditional constituencies.”

“If Alan Keyes and Barack Obama ever had a debate, I’d like to have the popcorn and coke concession.”

You know, that line just gets funnier and funnier.

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