And not one of them a comedy…

Joel Mowbray, whose life is so fascinating that his biography notes that he “is an avid movie buff (he owns over 200 DVDs)”, went walking with the NYC protestors in an effort to point out that he has no sense of humor or irony (despite the smirk):

Some were at months out of date, others decades. Perhaps the most popular sign was one that read, “End the Occupation in Iraq.” We did. Two months ago. The second-most-popular sign was “No Draft, No Way.” There’s been no draft for three decades now, and only Democrats are proposing one.


Some protesters actually had a sense of humor. One protester carried a sign with The Simpsons’ Comic Book Guy with the following text: “Worst President Ever.” (If you’re not a Simpsons Fan, trust me, it’s funny.)

Yeah. If it’s only the hundreth time you heard it. What is it with conservatives and The Simpsons? Is it street cred or just the fact that they’re plugging a show on Fox which gets them valuable prizes and gift certificates from Rupert Murdoch.

Back to Joel:

Some wannabe humorists unfortunately followed in Whoopi Goldberg’s footsteps. One placard read, “Another Gay Man Against Bush.” One girl’s t-shirt read, “My Bush would make a better President.”

Others simply made no sense. Several demonstrators held up signs saying, “I could sh*t a better President.” Whatever that means.

I’m sure if Joel gave it some thought (have a lie down and close your eyes…concentrate….) he could figure it out, but he was too busy making up one of those “Yeah. And then I said to him….” bon mots that so devastate liberals who aren’t quick enough on their feet (possibly from not watching The Simpsons enough) for people as droll as Joel:

As their gargantuan garbage path left in their wake might indicate, this was not a grateful group of activists. When diverted from the fire (allegedly) started by one of their own, following is an exchange that occurred with one demonstrator, as recounted by a uniformed NYPD officer:

Protester: “You’re infringing on our freedom of speech.”

NYPD Officer: “No, we’re giving you freedom from burning.”

Ooooooo. Snap!

In the comedy club in Joel’s head.

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