Frum-ulous snatch of banter

I can’t begin to tell you how much I’m enjoying James Wolcott’s Attack Poodles and Other Media Mutants. In his authors notes, Wolcott writes:

I wasn’t looking for a cause. But I can’t bear bullies, and I can’t stand cowardly deceivers: and in the Bush Administration and the conservative media, we have the worst of both combined.

Wolcott doesn’t have an axe to grind but that doesn’t mean that his axe isn’t sharpened. About Limbaugh he writes:

…but his king-sized addiction to painkillers reveals that beneath the ho-ho humor, he is one tightly wound ball of compulsion, holed up in a protective bubble.

Mickey Kaus is “quite a dimply little cheap-shot artist”.

Coulter: “She is the Paris Hilton of postmodern politics, an enlongated zero…”

Here is a favorite passage from a section on heave-ho-ed Bush speechwriter, David Frum:

The Right Man presents an often unflattering likeness of the commander in chief. Frum’s Bush is not the genial backslapper of the campaign trail shown in Alexandra Pelosi’s ditzy documentary Journeys With George but an autocratic control freak who keeps his temper in a tight jar. “Bush was a man of fierce anger. When he felt that he had been betrayed or ill-used, his face would go hard, his voice would go cold, and his words would be scathing.” The Bush II White House is run with a hierarchical rigor with Bush himself as the CEO dictator. “The Bush staff rose to their feet with a snap that would have impressed a Prussian field marshall. When Bush was in a kidding mood, he would direct the staff like an orchestra conductor: He would press his hands palms down to direct them to sit and then, when they had taken their seats, raise his hands palms up to order them to rise again. Only then would they get the final palms-down.” Bush has his own poodles beautifully trained.


Get the book…I know you love snark, and this is snark of the highest quality.

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