Adopt an RNC blogger….

As part of my ongoing series (that I just made up) on the RNC Convention (“Hooker handjob: $20. Praying for forgiveness after is gonna cost extra…”) I’ve decided to adopt one of those wacky “bloggers” that I keep reading about. Apparently this “blogging” thing is all the rage these days. Kids!

Anyway I have chosen (okay, I got the short straw) young Ben Domenech of redstate.org basically because I wonder why at 22 he isn’t over in Iraq fighting Islamofascism instead of working as a speechwriter which, last I checked, wasn’t exactly an essential occupation necessary to a free country.

Anyway we’ll being checking in on the smirky little prick as soon as he starts actually posting which I’m guessing should come later in the evening, just as soon as he finishes all the Zimas in the hotel room mini-bar.

In the meantime here’s redstate blogger krempasky “keepin’ it real” by saying painfully dumb white frat-boy things like:

RedState is in the hizzouse!

Um, yeah. Word up, yo.

Sad. So sad…

(Added, Monday morning: I see krempasky has changed his funk soul-brother headline. Yo, G. That ain’t keepin’ it real. Know what I’m sayin’?)

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