One degree of separation: Jenna Jameson & Andrea Mitchell

OK, Jenna, I have got to clear up something right from the beginning. I read an account that said you actually wanted to be a TV anchorwoman one day. Is that true?

JAMESON: That is — that was definitely what I wanted to do. I used to practice with the TelePrompTer when I was young, because my father was a television producer. So it didn’t come to pass, but you know, at least I’m still on TV.

Jenna is just a bit more honest about what she does on TV than Andrea…

Later in the interview:

COOPER: There are, you know, obviously you know there are critics. Writer Naomi Wolf recently wrote that basically the sort of the porn industry has raised expectations for men in a way that women feel, how can I compete with this? And in fact, she claims it’s sort of has deadened the male libido, because you know, they feel like the real thing isn’t good enough. Everyone has to be a porn star.

JAMESON: I really don’t believe that. I think that it’s added to people’s sexual lives, and I think that it’s added to women’s especially, because there’s a little bit of Jenna Jameson in every woman out there, and I think that now that they’re starting to see me coming out more into the mainstream, they feel a little bit more comfortable being naughty in the bedroom.

Then again, maybe not

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