Malkin: It’s Tagalog for ‘idiot’…

Self confessed idiot, Michelle Malkin, gets a slapdown from…World Net Daily:

The cringe-making crux of Malkin’s book is that, in light of the intelligence intercepts to which the FDR administration was privy, the relocation en masse and confinement of some 112,000 Japanese aliens and American-born citizens of Japanese ancestry between 1941 and 1945 was not a consequence of racism, but of military necessity: “Even with the benefit of hindsight, it is not at all clear that mass evacuation was unwarranted.”

The argument is impoverished considering the extent of the violations against this group. It is unlikely that tens of thousands of American Japanese were involved in organized espionage or were likely to become so. But when we accept state aggression based on prior-restraint arguments, then aggress we must ad absurdum. Why not prevent all teenagers from driving? Or even better, all neoconservatives like Ms. Malkin from procreating, lest they sire proponents of state internment?


That is not all that is invalid about her modus operandi, however. Malkin has gone beyond blindly supporting her man’s (Bush’s) policies, to using her journalistic celebrity to spread the so-far unverified swiftboat stories. There she was on “Hardball,” her face contorted like Dorian Gray on fast forward, spewing speculation that John Kerry had shot himself in Vietnam. Thankfully, host Chris Matthews rose to the occasion like a cobra, and spat a succession of sharp questions at the dissembling Malkin regarding the rumors that tumbled promiscuously from her mouth.


Also don’t miss WND’s exclusive on the Super Spiders of Allah and John Kerry’s superhuman ability to cloud mens minds:

Gardner, 56, of Clover, S.C., has speculated it’s possible the men were bought off somehow, but, whatever the case, he thinks Kerry used his powers of persuasion to bring them to a glowing, positive view diametrically opposed to the one they held in Vietnam.

He claims Wasser’s reply was something like this: “I felt the same way you did, buddy, but after John sat us down and talked with us for awhile, we came around to his way of thinking.”

World Net Daily: It’s like science-fiction…except it’s real.

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