Turning worms…

Some conservatives are losing faith in President Fuzzy Math:

…recent news, from slowing economic growth to wilting job creation, has changed the landscape. With the Republican convention a week away, allies and opponents are clamoring for more specifics.

“You either define yourself on these big issues or the Democrats will define you,” said Richard K. Armey, the former House Republican leader who co-chairs the new conservative advocacy group, FreedomWorks. “John Kerry will do just fine with what he thinks your secret plan is if you don’t tell us what it is.”

Normally I would get a little excited about a hardline Republican turning on Slow Learner Man, but then it is Dick Armey, of whom Paul Begala once said, “Well, like they say in Texas, if goofy ideas ever get to $40 a barrel, I want the drilling rights to Dick Armey’s head.”

So we move along and find that the Washington Post has discovered that, when the barrel is empty and and scraped clean, lift it up and look in loamy muck beneath which is the natural habitat of Donald “Will Stalk for Attention” Luskin:

“I guess the most accurate thing I could say is there’s sort of a deafening silence,” said Donald Luskin, a conservative investment adviser in California. Referring to the current economic team, Luskin said, “The period these people have been in power is a period when very little economic initiative has been coming out of the White House.”

I guess the WaPo couldn’t find any real economists willing to talk to them….

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