Rich Lowry: Accuracy is for…well, journalists.

Basically, Rich Lowry is full of shit:

I haven’t yet been able to delve into the Swift Boat stuff in great detail, but here is one thought. These guys have to worry about getting discredited like the Arkansas state troopers. Remember, the troopers were basically right. And the Clinton team still managed to beat them, based on a little wobble and a few character attacks. The Clinton effort was aided, of course, by a media hostile to the troopers.

A little history please.

Besides Ferguson, Ronnie Anderson, another of the four troopers who originally spoke to the Los Angeles Times and American Spectator, now admits that he corroborated the stories to reporters, even though he had no first-hand knowledge that they were true.

In a sworn affidavit prepared for the Jones case, Anderson said: “From what I heard the other troopers say and from I … read in the American Spectator, the stories that were provided were nothing more than old fish tales, with little if any basis in fact.”

So, basically Lowry is right. Except that he’s not.

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