Shouldn’t we be changing our Tom Ridge Scary World o’Terrorism color wheel to orange?

Don’t bad things happen when this happens?:

While Bush’s rival, Democrat John Kerry, continues to campaign, the president is scheduled to be at his ranch for about a week, taking a break from re-election appearances. It’s his 38th presidential trip to his ranch where he spends time outdoors fishing, clearing brush and exploring its rocky terrain, waterfalls and canyons. On Thursday, he took a bike ride, and has been watching some of the Summer Olympics, McClellan said.

Oh. Show of hands. How many think that George W Bush is actually “working on his acceptance speech” as in writing it? Let’s face it, he’s going to spend the week learning to pronounce anything that clocks in over two syllables.


“While, of course, he’ll talk about the clear differences that voters face, it’ll very much be a forward-looking speech talking about his agenda for America that builds upon his record of results.”


The best thing he can say is that not everyone in America died on 9/11. After that it just be an awkward silence as he stares at the teleprompter until the crickets start to chirp…

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