The war at home….

From the local paper:

CAMP PENDLETON – The war on terror half a world away is squeezing some military medical services at home.

Base hospital officials have announced longer waits for non-emergency care for the nearly 30,000 dependents and retirees who rely on Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton and its clinics for primary care.

Some of those clinics – including family and internal medicine and pediatrics – have lost nearly half their staffs because of deployments to Iraq and normal rotations to new duty stations, said Doug Allen, a spokesman for the base hospital.

Doctors and nurses are part of the staffing shortage.

In June, the demand for appointments was 15 percent greater than availability, prompting some patients to seek medical attention at the base emergency room and increasing non-emergency wait times from four or five hours to seven or eight.

Just thought you would like to know.

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