Later, Ben will advise the Pope on Catholicism…

The Virgin Ben doesn’t think that John Kerry should be giving advice on women:

“Look for what gets your heart. Someone who excites you, turns you on. … It’s a woman who loves being a woman. Who wears her womanhood. Who knows how to flirt and have fun. Smart. Confident. … And obviously sexy and saucy and challenging.”

Oh yeah, and has lots of money. Lots and lots of money. By the way, John: attempting to label Teresa smart, confident, sexy and saucy isn’t the way to go here. She looks like Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie, and acts like Teri Garr in Tootsie.

This is just another laughable Kerry attempt to come off as the guy next door — it’s the old Al Gore trick, imitating passion so people don’t think you’re boring. Too bad. America thinks you’re boring.

This from someone who has yet to have his petseleh touched by anyone outside of his immediate family…


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