Next up…some crazy kind of music called “rock and roll”…

Where the hell does the Corner find these people?:

Why don’t the major record labels sign more politically outspoken artists? It’s not because of politics, as most record execs are liberal. Rather, as one explained to the WSJ today, “The biggest problem with politial music has not been that it’s controversial, but that it’s boring.” Nonetheless, the same WSJ story reports that record labels are signing lots of new overtly political acts. Up next, a Green Day “concept album” title “American Idiot.”

First off, I hope that Adler doesn’t somehow think that Green Day is a new band, but I wouldn’t put it past him. But, come on. U2, Coldplay, Radiohead, Green Day, Bad Religion, Rage Against the Machine, Peter Gabriel….



Here’s a Green Day song that I think Adler might appreciate.

(By the way…the American Idiot single is a killer. Green Day to tour with New Found Glory and Sugarcult starting in October. If you’ve never seen Green Day, don’t miss them. One of the best shows…ever. And Sugarcult is pretty damn good too if you like Elvis Costello-inflected punk/pop.)

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