Remember that video where he danced with Courtney Cox?….That was awesome.

Tim Pawlenty is a BIG fan:

Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty said he’s “heartbroken” that Bruce Springsteen plans to rock against President Bush. Opening his weekly radio show Friday with “Born to Run,” the 43-year-old Pawlenty called Springsteen one of his musical idols.

“I really appreciate his music, but I wish he wouldn’t interject his music with politics,” said Pawlenty, co-chairman of Bush’s re-election campaign in Minnesota.

Where do I start?

American Skin (41 Shots)
Balboa Park
Brothers Under the Bridge
Born In the USA
Car Wash
Galveston Bay
Land of Hopes and Dreams
Mansion On the Hill
My City of Ruins
My Hometown
Sinaloa Cowboys
Souls of the Departed
Streets of Philadelphia
The Ghost of Tom Joad

Tim Pawlenty is the guy who talks over the music to his friends all through the concert until he hears the one song that he knows and then stands up and pumps his fist and yells “Yeah!”.

You know. An asshole bandwagon-jumper.

(Yes. I know I probably missed a half dozen other songs.)

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