Thank goodness my delicate sensibilities won’t allow me to sink to that level…

Ann Althouse:

We keep hearing about Kerry’s ability to deal with “nuance” and “complexity,” but could it be that this is spin, and the truth is he actually doesn’t think clearly? We know he doesn’t speak clearly: he can’t get to the point, and he often strays off-topic. We keep hearing that he’s “thoughtful,” implying that he takes a long time to think things through. Another way of putting that is that he’s slow.

There has been so much talk about how dumb Bush supposedly is, that it’s surely fair to ask about Kerry’s mental capacity. What were his undergraduate and law school GPAs? What was his LSAT score? If we don’t hear the answer, I think, we ought to assume the numbers are fairly low.(my emphasis)

Later she writes:

You may think that all the carping about Bush’s military records justifies bashing Kerry’s military record, but a key difference between the two attacks is that there wasn’t a similiar motivation to attack Bush’s record closer in time to the events in question. I think the absence of an earlier challenge of Kerry’s record is quite probative. In any case, the attack on Kerry’s military record is very ugly and is dragging the political debate to a repulsively low level.

Yes. And we wouldn’t want to drag the poltical debate that low now, would we?

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