Shorter Peggy Noonan

I was a Candy Striper for Bush

Bonus comments: Peggy will not be writing speeches for President Not-Ron:

President Bush has his sound, and it’s a good one. He’s getting his sea legs on the stump–it’s hard to go from being-president to being-president-and-running again-for-president, it’s a bit of a shift and is always awkward. But he’s got it together and they’ve got it together.

Too bad. She already got that English-as-a-second-language rhythm down.

Bonus bwahaha!! moment:

A personal note. My colleagues at the Journal have been sterling. This is the third time in four years they’ve allowed me to take a leave, the first two to finish books. They appropriately decided I cannot write for them during this time even now and then, because it is not the business of The Wall Street Journal to employ Republican or Democratic operatives. (my emphasis)

Well. That’s half true….

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