Big man.

Dennis Prager picks on a little girl:

Third, it is illuminating to note what the 12-year-old said that evoked the loudest cheers from the Democratic delegates. In the words of the Oakland Tribune, “The show-stealer was Oakland’s Ilana Wexler, 12, who brought down the house with her suggestion that Vice President Dick Cheney get a ‘timeout’ for using foul language.

Within hours she became an international star, media outlets clamoring for her attention, fans seeking her autograph.”

The Democrats went crazy over the girl because she not only shattered the adult-child social distinction, she did so with regard to an adult of immense prominence and status, the vice president of the United States.

Listening to a 12-year-old publicly mock the Republican vice president of the United States brought Democrats almost orgasmic pleasure, especially since no Democrats had the courage to do so in their speeches.

Of course, this girl has accomplished nothing compared to Dick Cheney. She has no wisdom, no humility and no knowledge beyond the leftist platitudes spoon-fed by her parents and schools. She is a mere child, more foolish than most, in that she actually thinks she has earned the right to publicly ridicule the vice president of the United States.

Go here:


and remind Prager how Republicans get orgasmic pleasure from children.

Then tell him to blow it out his ass.

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