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Before we get to our Feature of the Day, we need to look back on Red State’s “Mission”.

Redstate.org will be a gathering place of responsible voices, stimulating debate, and constructive action, fully mobilizing conservative intellectual and organizational resources to create a strong and vibrant presence in the blog medium. Through Redstate, the political blogging of the Right can gain the critical mass it needs for the battle ahead.


We aim to provide an arena for serious thought and a force for influence in Republican politics and policy – and we intend to lead.

Here is some of that Red State “serious thought” from our new favorite blogger:

Why I Like Dick Cheney

Not a lot of people know much about Dick Cheney. The media doesn’t show many pictures of him smiling., but Cheney does smile. He smiles a lot. The media just seems to consistently miss those moments. They must be unlucky, I guess — cause Cheney has a pretty good smile.


But lot’s of folks fish and that’s not reason enough to like a man. I don’t even know if he’s a good fisher of if he casts like an amateur. I bet he tries hard though. That’s one of the things I like best about him, he’s always trying his best. He’s been around the DC block. He worked as Chief of Staff for President Gerald Ford. He was younger then and had more hair, but he still visits with Ford and talks about the good ol’ days, and I like that.


Dick Cheney has done a lot during our trying times. He has visited Europe, Asia and the Middle East to talk with our allies and keep the lines of communication open with those who are not so allied with us. He’s bended the ear of many for the benefit of the US. He’s even been talking to that man in the Vatican, the Pope.

This guy is beyond parody.

…and I like that.

*Your Jack Handy reference.

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