Authentic western gibberish….

I kept waiting for the punchline for this over at Red State which, in its attempt at simplicity, instead attains a remarkable My Weekly Reader vibe (Note: this is best read using the voice of Dustin Hoffman from Rainman in your head):

I like George W. Bush. He’s a good guy. In a world where most folks wear grey hats or black hats — he’s wearing a white one. Out here in the rugged desert, where I live, one develops an ability to judge a man or a woman and their character rather quickly. I can spot a less than sterling character in a few moments. I can tell a genuinely kind woman from a fake smile and countenance at thirty yards. Out here we have rattlers, big ones, that if you approach will sink their venomous teeth into your leg without hesitation. As a result, one learns to look closely at the path one is traveling. One can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps – birds of a feather always flock together and wolves hunt in packs. George Bush keeps excellent company. His wife is not ambitious or power-hungry and this reflects upon his character. His appointments speak volumes about Bush the man, his beliefs, his values and his prejudices – or lack of them.

Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice are great company to be in. Character? Definitely. Integrity? Off the charts. The media shows its own character deficiency as they ignore the accomplishments of these two for our United States – for political reasons. I like Bush for choosing them. He certainly didn’t have to choose them, but he did. I like that.


Yes, George Bush likes women. He’s surrounded himself with one of the finest, Condoleezza Rice — who as anyone on the inside knows is inseparable from Bush much of the time. Even at breakfast with the Danish Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen. No, Condoleezza Rice is not as the left suggests “color” for his administration — she is one of the President’s MVPs — and the media and the left can’t forgive her for that.

But not me. I like Condi — I like Condi a lot.

Of all women though, George Bush likes his wife Laura best of all. I really like that. In a world where fidelity and failed marriages are common and even moreso among cheating, lying politicians – it’s nice to see a relationship that is bonded by love, not greed or lust for power.

Next week… Taters: Them’s Good Eatin’….

(Thanks to Viktor for the link)

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