Who let the doggerel out…

After reading this post, reader Sherry went in search of more breathless prose from Gerard van der Leun.

Unfortunately, she found some.

My favorite passage:

The poem’s not a path to some fat pension,
Nor like some hired hand releasing inner tension.
It requires nothing less than all the soul and mind,
And is, like love and Homer, always blind.

It is not made in workshops, whole or part,
But in the “rag and boneshop of the heart.”
And those that cannot blindly see and sense
Must chained forever be in Castle Indolence.

All poetry is dreaming written clear
To the inner eye that wakes the sleeping ear.
You must listen to crushed silence, seeing only night,
If you would give your readers second sight.

I really must get out my rhyming dictionary and find out what rhymes with ‘crapulent‘…

There’s pictures too.

Dude. The Renaissance called. They said thanks for applying but they don’t have any positions open at this time and that they’ll keep your resume on file in case something comes up.

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